Aristomat High Speed CNC Cutters

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Overall   State-of-the-art precision cutters

Max sheet thickness   1.75" or 2.16" depending on model

Substrates   Rigid or flexible, including Sintra and Dibond

Size   TL:5'3"(W) x 8'2"(D), GL: up to 7'10"(W) x 10'7"(D)

Speed   3.7 or 7.5 ft/sec max. depending on model

Cutting system   Gear-driven oscillating 

Unique features
  Options for roll-on or sheet fed stock; precise camera eye and mobile barcode reader, high performance vacuum system

Aristomats are state of the art flat-bed high speed cutters designed for continuous, precise, and reliable production. They’re the perfect solution — low cost, low maintenance, sturdy, easy to use, and multi-featured.

Easy to cut just about anything

The Aristomat’s work surface is accessible from all sides, the drive and steering technologies are modern, and the PC-software is easy to use. Use the Aristomat for tooling, creasing, die-cutting, routing, or labeling. It even cuts holes. Use it on gaskets, rubber, laminates, foils, foam rubbers, textiles, non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, solid-fiber cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and more.

Precision quality software

Aristomat’s Cutter Control Panel uses Windows software and allows you to control all the processing functions with just a mouse click. A mobile mouse pad also offers manual control or setting of cut origins from any point on the cutting surface.

An intelligent camera and barcode reader

The Aristomat uses an intelligent camera for quick and exact cuts of templates. The system first identifies the control points, then automatically calculates the compensation values for any askew material, print distortion or material changes, and finally precisely cuts to the contour. An optional mobile device reads the barcode printed on each pattern to auto-identify the stored plot and cutting file within the system making reorders even easier.

High powered vacuum holds things in place

With adjustable vacuum zones, the Aristomat holds even small bits of materials firmly on the work surface to reduce slippage errors.

Toolheads and tools add functionality

Adapt the Aristomat for oscillating cutting, fixed cutting, scratching, creasing, or marking, simply by adding tool heads, rather then undertaking a complete tool change. Toolheads are available for bevel cuts, vinyl, wood, textiles and more.

Sheet or rolled-fed options

To automate precision cuts the Aristomat can be adapted with a revolving conveyor belt and winding/unwinding devices for continual feeding of rolled stock.  A feeder system is available for auto-loading stacked sheet stock too.

Projection system reduces waste

To check how materials will be cut, and to reduce the amount of material waste, the Aristomat Cutter Control Panel uses a beam of light to project the full-size template pattern onto the cutting surface. Just line-up your stock or remnants within the template for the most efficient use of materials.


For more information on the Aristomat, contact Rock Hill Distribution sales team.