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Ron Skaggs Integra Technologies 3


Ron Skaggs

skaggsr at integraint.com


Ron, a co-founder of Integra Technologies, guides business development and steers Integra into the future. Much of Integra’s success to date is a result of Ron’s creativity and vision. More importantly, Ron exemplifies the standard we embody every day here at Integra: sincerity, compassion, honesty, and family values. It’s a credo we live by, and a promise we deliver to all of our partners, customers, and vendors.

And as a recognized leader in his community, Ron, aided by the other leaders at Integra, continues to develop organizational and leadership principles used by educators and business leaders to create high-performance and transformative corporate cultures, much like what we have here at Integra.

In his spare time Ron enjoys visiting his two daughters, son and granddaughter, and spending time in the great outdoors. To feed his creativity away from Integra and leadership studies, Ron enjoys getting his hands dirty gardening, cooking and fussing with old cars and trucks. 

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Gene Peck Integra Technologies


Gene Peck
Chief Technology Officer

peckg at integraint.com


Gene is a cofounder of Integra. Throughout his 40+ years in the printing and graphics business, Gene’s philosophy has been that people aren’t customers or employees, but rather friends he wants to help succeed. This ‘business is relationships’ focus is part of the cultural-DNA here at Integra and a big factor in our secret sauce.

As Integra’s CTO, Gene keeps us on the leading edge of technology. He and his team of engineers use their collective wisdom to innovate better ways to refurbish and retool equipment in order to keep performance quality high but service costs low — and then ultimately pass those savings onto customers. It’s Integra-Ingenuity at its best.

The printing and graphics business is in Gene’s blood. He grew up helping out in his father’s graphics shop and by age 15 was already making service calls to customers. Today, Gene’s still a family man who loves nothing more than spending time with his wife, his two college-aged sons, and his two dogs.

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John Worthylake at Integra Technologies


John Worthylake
Vice President, Operations

worthylakej at integraint.com


John’s the ‘grease that keeps the gears running smoothly’ here at Integra. He excels at managing complex projects and seeing ‘the big picture’. It’s this, plus his 25 years of experience in customer service and logistics, that gives John the competence to anticipate challenges, assess viable options and deliver time-efficient, cost-effective solutions. John knows equipment uptime directly correlates with a customer’s profitability, so he and his team keep Integra’s Field Technicians well-stocked with crucial replacement parts. This sincere commitment to uptime and productivity is one of the reasons customers love us.

During his time in the US Navy John sailed around the world, and has lived and worked in Europe. Today he still enjoys traveling and discovering new places with his family. After work you’ll find John on his mountain bike, making the 18-mile trek around the prairie hills near his home in Countryside, IL.

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Peter Saunders
Director of Operations – Integra Imaging Technologies

saundersp at integraint.com


As Director of Operations, Peter’s responsible for growing Integra’s Canadian division, Integra Imaging Technologies. He’s already conquered Canada’s LightJet service business, and is now focused on growing Integra’s installed base of ink jet and cutter equipment.

Peter also runs the day to day operations of Integra’s Eastern US service business and brings his creative problem solving skills to the leadership team here at Integra.

Although Peter currently resides near Toronto, he originally hails from London, England – and like all good Brits Peter loves soccer. In his spare time, he’s involved in running (and playing in) a men’s competitive soccer team, the Aurora Rovers, and also coaches his two sons’ soccer teams. 

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