Our Story Begins With a Customer

Back in 2004 there were mergers and acquisitions in the large-format-printer industry, and as often happens with mergers, equipment lines were being abandoned. But many of those machines were still the vital lifeblood of print shops throughout North America. Faced with no access to service and parts, and their businesses in jeopardy, customers sent out the rallying cry of “We need your help” to two people they knew they could depend on for great service, technical expertise, and visionary thinking — Ron Skaggs and Gene Peck.

Ron and Gene had once been coworkers, and were known as the driving force behind the high standards for service-excellence at their company. But that company had since been acquired and restructured by a large industry player, who reduced service standards and sent staff scattering.

The best and brightest

When Ron and Gene got the call for help from former customers, they saw it as an opportunity to start their own company, work together again, and deliver great service to people they knew and cared about. Their goal was to build a service company with enough resources and people to provide the type of support their printer customers required, and deserved.

So they created Integra Technologies and began recruiting a dream team — handpicking the best and brightest people they’d known in the digital imaging business over the past 20 years. They invited print industry mavericks, engineering wizards, cutting-edge technology inventors, and customer service experts to join them.

A company of like-minded people

Ron and Gene brought together a diverse, proficient, and multi-talented team. But it was critical we all had one thing in common: a mindset. A shared mindset that believes, to the core:

describe the image Uptime, all the time, is critical to our customer’s success, and therefore critical to us
describe the image People aren’t just employees and customers  but friends, part of Integra’s tribe, and the heart of our company, and
describe the image Sincerity, honesty, and mutual respect is the way we do business

To this day, and everyday, this is the foundation of our success.

Growth fueled by great service

Customers jumped on board, fueling Integra’s trajectory for growth. Since then, customers continue to ask for our help when OEMs can't deliver. Customers are why we dedicate our efforts to extending the useful life of legacy products like Oce Lightjets and Agfa Minilabs. Today, they're why we continue to expand our service offering by adding high quality new products to our portfolio. As a result, it’s customers who champion our reputation for responsive, first-rate service.

So that’s how Integra’s story started — and continues. With a customer.