Our Partners

As the wide-format and digital-imaging service experts, Integra has industry insight and relationships world-wide. We’re proud to put our stamp of approval, and act as the exclusive service provider for Aristo products in the United States, as well as the installation and service service parnter for CET Color.


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Aristo Digital Cutting Systems

Aristo Digital Cutting Systems is the leading German manufacturer for large format, computer-controlled flatbed cutting machines for use in the sign making, digital die-cutting, packaging, textile, and leather industries.

Aristo was originally founded in 1862 as a factory for mathematical and calibration instruments. They bring this expertise in precision to their award-winning Aritstomat machines, built with exactness, reliability, fair prices, and high performance in mind.

Aristomats are sold worldwide and Integra is the exclusive service provider in the United States.

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CET Color

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, CET Color builds large-format vacuum table flatbed and hybrid roll-to-roll / flatbed UV printers.

Utilizing state-of-the-art UV curable ink sets that are VOC free and eco-friendly, their printers have the ability to print on virtually any substrate.

CET Color printing solutions, coupled with Integra support and service, provides printing professionals unparalleled support in the large format UV inkjet printing industry. Partnering their printer support and service with Integra will allow CET Color to not only offer best in class printers, but also best in class support.

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Rock Hill Distribution, LLC

Aligning with partners who share the common goal. 

ROCK HILL has developed relationships bringing equipment, sourcing, and support services to the Graphics, Packaging, Textile and Unique Engineering Markets